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Tasting Notes and Bottle Shots

White Wines


2020 The Monty Rose Bottle Shot

2020 The Monty Rose Tasting Notes



2021 Pinot Grigio Bottle Shot

2021 Pinot Grigio Tasting Notes 



2020 Chardonnay Bottle Shot

2020 Chardonnay Tasting Notes



2021 Sixmo Chardonnay Bottle Shot

2021 Sixmo Chardonnay Tasting Notes



2016 Duetto Bottle Shot

2016 Duetto Tasting Notes



2018 The Veil Vermentino Under Flor Bottle Shot

2018 The Veil Vermentino Under Flor Tasting Notes


Red Wines


2021 Thieving Angels Shiraz Bottle Shot

2021 Thieving Angels Shiraz Tasting Notes



2020 Nero d'Avola Bottle Shot

2020 Nero d'Avola Tasting Notes



2018 Primitivo Bottle Shot

2018 Primitivo Tasting Notes



2016 Sangiovese Bottle Shot

2016 Sangiovese Tasting Notes



2021 Montepulciano Bottle Shot

2021 Montepulciano Tasting Notes coming soon



2018 Shiraz Bottle Shot

2018 Shiraz Tasting Notes



2018 Alluvial Fans Shiraz Bottle Shot

2018 Alluvial Fans Shiraz Tasting Notes



2018 Blanche Ponit Shiraz Bottle Shot

2018 Blanche Ponit Shiraz Tasting Notes



2017 Q Shiraz Bottle Shot

2017 Q Shiraz Tasting Notes


Second Labels



NV Street Cred Moscato Bottle Shot



NV Street Cred Sparkling Shiraz Bottle Shot

NV Street Cred Sparkling Shiraz Tasting Notes